What to do When Your Loved One Refuses Assisted Living

Your Loved One Refuses to Move Into Assisted Living

Is your parent refusing to move into an assisted living community? This can be an emotional and difficult time for everyone involved. Your parent may feel misunderstood, angry, sad, or that they don’t need the extra assistance. You may feel frightened for your parent’s safety, a little helpless,or tired from trying to help them as much as you can.

This experience is different for every family; however, in this article there are some tips that might help you and your loved one as you prepare for this potential change. During this time it can put stress on your family relationships. However, remember that things will get better.

Don’t be afraid to get help from healthcare professionals, people at the assisted living community, or other people that you and your loved one trust. Looking out for the safety and health of your loved one can be overwhelming, but take it slow and try to find the best solution for your loved one and yourself.

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