Assisted Living or Memory Care

Assisted Living vs Memory Care

When looking for somewhere for your loved one to live it can be difficult. Trying to sort through all the different terms and figuring out what kind of environment would be best for you loved one to be in. A helpful place to start when starting your research is to learn the difference between assisted living and memory care. 

Assisted living is a type of community where the residents are mainly independent aside from some needed assistance. These needs vary for each resident, but can include medication management, transportation, or mobility. Many of these communities also help with meals and laundry.

Memory Care communities are very different from assisted living communities. The residents living here have many more needs and they may even be a danger to themselves because of memory issues. These communities are designed to be safe for people with memory issues. They will have locked exits to prevent wandering, a social room, a special dining room for them, and good lighting to avoid shadows and give them a clear view of their walkways. 

Knowing the difference between assisted living and memory care is important for the safety and well-being of your loved ones. You will be able to know which is best suited for them and what will give them the best quality of life. 

We want to ensure that your loved one is receiving the best option for their needs. By talking with us about your loved one and what you want to see for their care we can help you find the community that best suits them and you.

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