Celebrate Every Stage of Life

Celebrating Age (Ann Ranson TEDxSMU)

Ann Ranson gives this talk on how to better our attitudes on aging. She explains how so many years of experience is a gift and many people don’t use that to affect the things and people around them for the better. Ranson tells us how changing our views on growing old will help us view it as a positive life event. Celebrating age does not mean we simply sit in a rocking chair.

Just because the world around us tells us that we are “too old,” go out and learn new things and expand your knowledge, live in the moment and appreciate all the things that you have right now, seek out opportunities and see how you can make a difference, or go out and do the things you have dreamed of doing. Don’t let fear get in the way of you living your best life. Aging should not be a hurdle to jump over, it should be a time worth celebrating and enjoying.

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