Differences between Skilled Nursing And Assisted Living

What are the differences between a Skilled Nursing Facility and an Assisted Living Community?

Differences Between Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living

We asked one of our current administrators, who works in one of our assisted living communities and has worked in the skilled nursing business for many years to write a few things about some of the differences between skilled nursing and assisted living.

As a seasoned Social Worker, I have spent many years working in Skilled Nursing Facilities, also known as Nursing Homes, Rehab Facilities and Care Centers. While I have the utmost respects for the places I worked, I wanted to see what else was out there for Seniors. I stumbled across a life changing opportunity to learn about Assisted Living.

Though the goals of Skilled Facilities and Assisted Livings are very similar when it comes to providing compassionate care for the elderly, the outcomes can be very different. Working in several Skilled Facilities, I found myself searching for something different, a homelike environment where the residents still guide and direct their own lives. I searched for a place where Seniors can find the safety and security they need to remain living life to the fullest.

In Assisted Living, I found a place where Seniors bring their prized home furnishings to display in their apartments bringing a piece of the place they raised their children. I found a place where residents plan and execute activities with their families in their newfound homes such as Anniversary parties, Birthday Parties and other family gatherings. I found a place where families can gather with their parents and grandparents and kids can run and play in the comfort of an Assisted Living while visiting their loved ones without rules of sitting on the bed with their arms folded.

I watch as residents plant and cultivate a garden, bringing their fruits of labor to the Culinary staff to prepare and serve. I watch the residents plan a Halloween Party for their grandchildren and give directions to the staff on what and how to implement their vision of a Halloween Carnival. I watch as residents donate and decorate a Christmas village and other Christmas decorations for all enjoy during the holiday season.

Daily we enjoy a former Pianist for Ballet West who resides with his wife in Memory Care walk up the piano and begin playing without music or direction drawing a large crowd, just as he did in his home. I enjoy residents who walk up their hallway knocking on their peers doors reminding them its time for an activity or lunch. I enjoy hearing groups gather in the lobby, reading magazine and visiting with one another. Often repeating the same conversation that was had at lunch.

I look solemnly over them as they say good bye to a beloved friend at the end of a life journey. They mourn with the families and each other of the Residents who pass on after spending their final years in a community surrounded by support, safety and security. I look at the procession of residents at funerals as final respects are made to a dear friend who will be sorely missed.

And finally I introduce new residents who have now chosen to live in within the walls of a homelike environment. I seat them at the dinner table, make introductions and watch as new relationships form.

This is the difference between skilled and assisted living. Assisted livings are not care centers, facilities or nursing homes. We simply assist in helping our residents continue to live, adding compassionate care and service to their living.

At RainTree Assisted Living of Syracuse, we invite you to stop by our community and learn more about how assisted living can help you.

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