It’s Time to Walk More

Benefits of Walking More

Physical activity does not have to be vigorous or tiring. Simply spending thirty minutes everyday or most days during the week will help you feel better and improve your overall health. Walking can also be an enjoyable time by creating a walking group with close friends or your family, go walking with your dog, change up your walking route so you see different sites, or walk at different times of the day.

When you start walking on a regular basis you will start to become healthier. You will have a reduced risk of heart disease and stroke, have stronger bones, better balance, muscle strength will increase, and you might reduce your overall body fat. 

Start small by breaking up the time and doing shorter 10 minute walking sessions. The longer you do this you will see that your walking sessions are becoming easier. When this happens you could begin making it more difficult by making your walk longer, walking faster, carrying weights while you walk, or walking up hills. 

Remember to wear good shoes that are comfortable with good support for your feet. Don’t go on walks that are too difficult to you. Wear sunscreen and sunglasses. Drink plenty of water before and after going on your walk and if you are going on a long walk then take water with you. 

Check out this website for more information on walking and making your body healthier.

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