Safe Driving for Older Adults

Older Adults and Driving

One worry that most people have is if their loved on is being safe in all areas of their life. However, one area with the most concern is their loved one behind the wheel. Driving gives people a sense of independence and allows them to get out and do the things they want to do. If you notice your loved one is being unsafe on the road, stepping up and saying something before an accident occurs is important. 

On this website they give us some indicators that it may not be safe for your loved one to be driving. They also give some advice on the best way to approach your loved one about not driving. Another option that may be good for some seniors is to take a driving course designed for older adults. This course updates them on driving laws, help them learn defensive driving skills, and also help them learn how to be safer on the road. 

On that same website they mention that it is more likely for older adults to get into an accident than any other age group. Because of this it is so important to keep an eye on your loved one and make sure they will keep themselves and everyone else on the road safe.

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