Seniors and Animal Therapy

Animal Therapy for Seniors

There are many ways to improve the health of older adults. For example, interacting with animals. A person interacting with animals increases positive emotions and helps them feel happier. For seniors, some may not have much social interaction; however, these animals don’t pass judgment, are excellent listeners, and give affection to all. 

Interacting with animals can be good for those living with dementia. That is to say, animals may help them feel more comfortable in a strange place. In addition, those who have issues with communicating may find it easier to speak and find their words. In other words, animals have a calming effect on most people. 

Lastly, E. Paul Cherniack and Ariella R. Cherniack did a study on how seniors are affected by animal therapy on a regular basis. They found many positive consequences for older adults. Moreover, their study found that spending fifteen minutes with a service animal increases brain activity and good emotions. You can find out more about their research here:

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