Friendships Past 60

Friendships in Assisted Living

When older adults move into a new community it can feel as if everything is changing for them. They have a new place to call home, they have a new daily schedule to adjust to, and they have new neighbors. As we age it may seem that making new friends can be difficult and hard to adjust to. We tend to get set in our old habits and hang out with the same people that we’ve been with for years. Friendships are important at any phase of life so here are some tips to help you or a loved one.

Assisted Living communities can make it easy to meet people around you. They have multiple activities everyday and meals where you can sit by different people and get to know them. A person could easily make friends by being yourself and getting to know others around you. When you go to the activities that interest you, you’ll be able to spend time with others who also enjoy that hobby. Don’t be afraid to try new activities by doing so you may find a new favorite activity and form new friendships.

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