Personalized Music Therapy

Music Therapy for Seniors

We have all experienced the feeling that comes when we listen to a song and it makes you instantly feel good inside. We have all heard a familiar tune from years past and been able to remember it and some possible memories associated with it. Music has a way of changing our mood, helping us remember what we’ve been through and what feelings we’ve felt. This is also the case for older adults. 

By allowing seniors access to their favorite songs and music from their generation this can help in many ways. For example, maintain their past memories, enhance a person’s mood, and have better social interaction with those around them. Seniors who live in assisted living communities can benefit greatly from having familiar music around them. They are in a new environment and having those familiar songs may help them adjust to a new lifestyle. 

Music therapy does not have to be an elaborate production. You can put together a playlist of your loved ones favorite music so they can listen to it whenever they want. Take your loved one to a local concert in the park or at local schools close to you. Have a sing-along with your loved one. This can be a fun bonding experience for all those involved.

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